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Construction Company Beneficial Question

6 Beneficial Questions – Part 6 – Scope of Works


Every design and construct company should work to a Scope of Works (SOW) during your project in order to make sure they know what needs to be organised when and make sure they are running on time.


As a guide this type of schedule will generally include items such as services (electrical, plumbing, fire, mechanical), installation of joinery, painting, and installation of flooring and loose furnishings.


This is a document you can request to see and have a copy of during construction so you have an idea of where your project should be up to and when you can expect practical completion to take place.

6 Beneficial Questions – Part 5 – Payment Terms


This is one that a lot of people do not think to ask in an initial meeting but is information you need to know before taking on the venture of a new office fit out.


All design and construct companies work differently when it comes to payment terms and it is best to know what you are going to be up for up front before you sign anything.


This way you can plan your budgeting around deposits, progress claims and practical completion (if this is the way they like to run it).


It is also worth asking how many days you will have to pay your invoices (7 days, 30 days?) and what kinds of payment methods they accept so you aren’t caught off guard.

6 Beneficial Questions – Part 4 – Insurance

Insurance is something everyone needs in all walks of life……car insurance, home and contents insurance and even life insurance are things we just have in our lives without thinking about them too much.

But make sure you stop to think about the insurances that are required for someone to start work on your site.

Public Liability and Profesmusional Indemnity insurance are things your design and construct company should be able to give you without any questions asked.

By making sure the correct insurances are in place and current you will save yourself a lot of headaches should an unfortunate accident (whether it be big or small) happen during the construction of your new clinic?

6 Beneficial Questions – Part 3 – Timelines







Timelines are key when it comes to new fit outs and you need to be sure the information you are getting is correct (and not being fed to you in order to secure a signature on a contract!).


Whether you have negotiated a lease-free period for your new tenancy or you need to be out of your current tenancy by a certain date it is very important that you and your staff can make a smooth transition from one tenancy to the other with minimal disruption.


Ask for a general timeline on projects similar to yours and if this seems unreasonable don’t be afraid to ask for previous client details in order to get references on efficiency.

6 Beneficial Questions – Part 2 – Experience


Along with being capable of putting together the perfect fit out for you experience is another major factor when choosing a design and construct company for your new medical, dental or veterinary clinic.


Find out how long they have been established for and become familiar with their story.


The last thing you want is to appoint a company that has only been in the game for 5 minutes.


Experience is extremely important not only for knowledge of current products and standards but over time, like everything, we learn from our mistakes and therefore by selecting a company that has been working within the industry for a number of years you can rest assured that they have most likely come across most possible site problems and already have ways of addressing and solving them before it becomes a timeframe issue.

6 Beneficial Questions – Part 1 – Examples


When you sit down for your first meeting one of the most important things that need to be discussed before you start getting down to the nitty-gritty is are the design and construct team you are talking to capable of doing your project?


This may seem like a silly thing to discuss considering you have gone to a design and construct company and they should know what they are doing right? But it is not always that straight forward.


It is very important that you see examples of previous projects and make sure they have completed or are capable of designing fit outs similar to what you envisage for your medical, dental or veterinary clinic.


Not only will this give you the piece of mind that you are dealing with healthcare professionals that can deliver what they promise but by looking at past projects you may pick up some nifty ideas for your own upcoming fit out!

6 Beneficial Questions

There are some very simple questions that you should ask your design and construct company before appointing them to take on your new medical, dental or veterinary clinic.

Some things you may want to cover in your initial meeting are:


– How many projects have they done in the past that are of a similar nature to what you are after?


– How long have they been in the game for


– How long do they envisage your project will take to complete and do you think this is a reasonable timeframe


– Are all the required insurances available for your viewing and up to date

Payment Terms

– How often should you be expecting invoices

Schedule of Works

– If appointed will they be able to provide you with a detailed schedule of works in order for you to follow your projects progression

Follow our 6 part series over the coming weeks to find out which questions will ensure you get exactly what you want when designing your new clinic.