Clinic By Design

Build WELL

These days we are all about health and well-being, so why not make your clinic WELL compliant?


The WELL Building Standard consists of features across eight concepts that  address not only the design and operations of buildings, but also how they impact and influence human behaviors related to health and well-being.

These features include:

1. Air –

Incorporate strategies to reduce or minimise sources of indoor air pollution. These strategies include, but are certainly not limited to: microbe & mould control, moisture management, air filtration, construction pollution management, pest control, cleanable environment, increased air ventilation and air quality monitoring.

2. Water –

Provide high quality drinking water and improve its accessibility. As we know humans are made up of more than two-thirds water which is why it is imperative we drink as much as we can throughout the day. But as we also know, many people do not! By providing clean drinking water that is easily accessible to everyone that comes into your building you are promoting regular water intake.

3. Nourishment –

Nutrition is so important but it can sometimes be hard to stick to eating well when there are so many goodies on offer. The easiest way to take temptation out of the equation is to remove it all together. Instead of vending machines that house chocolate, chips and soft drink provide fresh fruit and bottled or filtered water.

4. Light –

Sufficient light, whether it is natural or artificial, can have many positive effects on employees including improved alertness and plays a huge role in any office environment. By ensuring your office space is properly lit you are not only giving your environment a welcoming, warm feeling you are also reducing discomfort for your staff.

5. Fitness –

When working in an office environment it is easy to get stuck down at your desk for hours on end which is why it is imperative you not only give your employees the opportunity to move, you should also be encouraging it. Items such as sit to stand desks are a great idea in order to give staff the option of sitting or standing while they work but why not introduce other physical activities into your work day. Try standing while you hold meetings, not only does this give everyone a chance to get up and out of their seats but it is also thought to improve concentration and productivity.

6. Comfort –

Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when setting up a workplace. We all want to feel comfortable and considering the amount of hours we spend at work comfort is key in order to keep staff productive and alert. Three very important aspects of comfort within an office are acoustics, ergonomics and accessibility.


Acoustics – Although noise can be a benefit in getting the brain working and collaborating is encouraged in most workplaces it can also be a distraction so be sure to make sure you have good acoustics within the areas of your office you would like to be used as quiet space.


Ergonomics – The correct seating can make a huge difference in how someone works. If they are uncomfortable they are more likely to lose concentration and take more breaks. Ensure you give your staff good quality task chairs with approved AFRDI ratings.


Accessibility – It is extremely important to make everyone in your office feel welcome which is why accessibility is so important. When designing your office layout make sure it is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). By doing this you are showing that you do not discriminate against anyone with a physical disability whether it is an employee or client.

7. Mind –

It is incredible what the mind is capable of and with the rate of mental illness growing rapidly it is something that we need to talk about. Whether it is creating an aesthetically pleasing space within your office for staff to take time out when they need it or making it a priority that staff members are educated on mental illness, its variances, how to recognise it and what affects it can have is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways of creating a mindfully healthy workplace.

And finally…….

8. Innovation –

An innovative workplace is a productive workplace. We don’t come to the above conclusions without research which is why it is so important to make time to look into ways of improving your workplace on a regular basis. Not only will you be rewarded with happy workers and content clients, you will have the peace of mind that you are doing all you can to improve the productivity of your business, making it the best it can be.