Clinic By Design

Bringing Your Vision To Life

What do you visualise when you think about your own medical, dental, veterinary or specialist clinic?


Do you like super sleek and modern? Want to capture the traditional nature of your existing building? Or maybe instead of a certain look you want to use aesthetics to invoke certain feelings within your patients?


No problem! Bringing your personal vision to life is what medical construction and fitout companies such as Clinics By Design specialise in.


Not only do we have the knowledge to make sure everything is built within the regulations, we also have the prior experience to know what will and will not work within a medical environment.

Before we start the first thing that needs to be identified is the site. Are you looking for a new site all together or are we refurbishing an existing clinic?

If you are looking for a piece of land to construct your clinic on there are a few things that we, as your construction and Fitout company, will need to run by council before plans can start taking shape.

Is the particular site you are looking at in an area that is zoned for medical? Do you have things like parking and public transport within the regulated walking distance in order to determine how much parking you will need to provide yourself? Do you have any competitors within the area or are you building in a place that you think may attract objections from the neighbours? This is just a snippet of the types of things council will be looking at when you apply for your building permit.

Luckily we have experienced the lot and know how to handle most situations (and neighbours) should any complaints come to light.

If you are refurbishing an existing clinic there are certain items we will need to check out before putting a scope of works and budget together.

Depending on the age of your building and current Fitout something such as the addition of  body protection can be a nasty surprise if it wasn’t expected and/or budgeted for.

Not only this but other major services such mechanical (air con) and plumbing will also need to be revised for any existing issues (that you may not even be aware of) before taking the next step.

From there we can start bringing your design to life.

An initial meeting with our design team will get your vision out of your head and onto paper. We can then design with your ideas in mind and decipher what will work and what won’t depending on regulations and budget.

As you can see there are a lot of things to be taken into consideration when you make the decision to refurbish or build your new clinic.

Appointing a trusted medical construction and Fitout company will not only give you the reassurance that you are navigating all the required steps properly but gives you the piece of mind that you have an experienced team behind you every step of the way.