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Estimating the cost of a dental fit out Melbourne

A question we get asked a lot by potential clients is “What does a dental fit out Melbourne actually cost?”.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a straightforward answer, and even though we can give a ball-park figure in order to help give you an idea of what you might be up for, the final cost of your dental practice fit out will depend on a number of factors.  Here’s a list of things that will have an effect on your hip pocket:


1. Residential to Commercial?

One popular misconception when it comes to dental fit out Melbourne and surrounding areas is that the transition from residential to commercial is easy and any builder or fit out company can manage it.


There are actually many factors that come into play converting residential to commercial/medical/dental.  Some of the more complex issues like council approval, complying to the Disability Discrimination Act, body protection and many more.  It is definitely worth investing some time with a dental fit out specialist to go through the issues that might be faced.


What we have found over the last few years is that the transfer from residential to commercial is less fashionable.  Many new dental clinics now choose to knock down and re-build a purpose-built practice.  This option can also be costs effective. There are lots of things to consider before deciding which way to jump.


2. Age of the building?

The age of your current tenancy, or building you are looking to purchase, can make a big difference when it comes to the amount of time and money you will need to invest into the dental fit out.


Often we come across a lot of old clinics that are not up to date with the current body protection standards.  This requires a complete overhaul of the electrical services to become compliant. This can have a big impact of the fit-out costs for your practice.


If the property you are considering is an older property it would be prudent to get a specialist medical builder to have a look who can advise you on any large additional works that might be required to be undertaken.


3. Are you building from the ground up?


The investment into a purpose-built dental practice is increasingly becoming a popular solution.  This option allows your designers and architects to design your dream practice with your input.  Investing in a new build will prove to be your biggest future asset.


The benefits of a new build and not just a fit out can outweigh the alternative.  A purpose built aesthetically beautiful building is a big draw card for new patients.  Ensuring the outside is as functional and pleasing as the inside provides the best return on your investment and will hold your practice in good standing for the future.


4. What ideas and visions do you have – Dental fit out Melbourne

What image do you have in your head as to what your future dental practice will look like? If you see your future practice having custom-built cabinetry, with luxurious fittings and the latest technology this will be substantially more expensive than bulk manufactured furniture and fittings.


Accordingly, it is most important that you work with a design and construction/fit out specialist with experience in medical/dental design to ensure that your vision will align with what is actually possible for your budget.


5. Know your budget – Dental Fit out Melbourne

When it comes to design, construction and fit out costs, it is important to understand your budget and stick to it.  This is the key to success.


Designers and architects can design the world yet this is impractical if your budget does not stretch that far.  It is most important that your architect/designers draw plans to suit your budget. This will avoid disappointment and frustration in the long run.


Understanding the cost differences in taking on a lease as a cold shell vs a warm shell, understanding the cost differences of materials and finishes, understanding the design of state of the art architecture will all impact the bottom line.


We have noticed over recent times that incorporating a contingency percentage for upgrades to finishes, increase in statutory fees over the life of the project and for things that the client has ‘forgotten’ is a great tool to keep the project moving.  Accordingly, a contingency percentage maybe something that you might wish to add into your budget.


6. Ball Park Guide

Putting a ball-park figure on any sort of construction is difficult.  Many things will alter the per square meter price.  From the quality of the fittings, engaging a specialist builder, purchasing long lasting and up to date medical equipment, custom made furniture and even the size of the building will impact the overall cost.  Engaging a qualified medical specialist who has specialist construction managers will limit any time delays that could affect the overall price.


As a ball park guide we have found that in today’s terms a superior dental fit out Melbourne will cost between $3000 to $5000 per square meter based on a cold shell and warm shell.  In regards to dental construction the cost sits between $6,500 to $8,500 per square meter.


Getting the right advise and working with a dental specialist and getting to the nitty gritty about the real costs of a dental construction and or fit out is imperative to the success of your practice.  You don’t want to face nasty surprises down the track.

Things to consider when designing a Veterinary Fit Out.

Designing a Veterinary fit out is an individual journey for each Veterinary Practice.  We have found through years of experience in Veterinary design, that early consultation with our clients is key to understanding the key factors that affect the efficient operation and flow of their Veterinary Practice.

Close consideration is paid to space planning and design for all functional zones including Consultation rooms, surgery rooms, waiting areas, reception areas, caged areas, staff amenities, safety and the comfort of both humans and animals alike.

Today we will focus on how different animal clientele effect the design of a veterinary fit out. We will consider things that our design team usually consider when planning for various different animal care.

Examination rooms

The size of each consultation room is often dictated by the available space together with the animal clientele. Specialist animal hospitals that have similar clientele will often design consultation rooms with similar dimensions through their practice, yet other animal hospitals might have larger consultation rooms to suit larger animals ie horses or cows. Rural Vet Practices often have internal and external examination rooms to cater for various animals.

Separate Entrances

Sometimes animal hospitals that cater for diverse animal patients might consider various different entrances. For example, larger farm animals might have an entrance direct from holding yards into a consultation room together with more main-stream entrances for the more domesticated animal such as dogs, cats and rabbits.

Animal Cages

Animals that are being monitored or have undergone surgery will often spend some time at the veterinary clinic. This can also include overnight stays.  In regards to catering for all different animals, a well-planned veterinary fit out would include various cage sizes to cater from larger animals such as large breed dogs and smaller cages for kittens and rabbits.  Many Veterinary clinics also will have glass cages with ultraviolet lights for reptile and bird enclosures.

Hygiene and cleanliness for these areas is critical to infection control.  Ensuring floors, cages, examination tables, waiting areas are designed with non-porous materials is fundamental to the longevity to the veterinary practice and overall health of patients.

Proper ventilation in animal cages and animal containment rooms is critical to maintaining air quality and to reduce the risk of respiratory issues in the enclosed area.

Waiting areas and Reception

Comfortable waiting areas for both pets and their owners is a crucial factor in determining if a customer returns or not. Veterinary practices with ample space may invest in separate waiting areas for dogs and cats in an attempt to minimise stress on both the pet and owner. Smaller Veterinary Practices might have well designed smaller waiting areas that provide some visual isolation in an attempt to alleviate anxiety for both owner and pet alike.

Sound minimising fittings are a welcome addition to bustling noisy waiting areas. Loud barking that echoes off walls will simply increase the stress levels of already anxious pets. Accordingly, sound minimising fittings are a sensible investment in creating a calmer environment.

Exotic pet facilities

Reptiles, small mammals and birds often require additional consideration to achieve a calm, healthy environment. This might include heat lamps, UV lights and temperature control.  Specialist pet diagnostic equipment such as avian endoscopy or reptile incubators are additions to some veterinary practices and must be considered during the design phase.

Parking areas

Designing car parking areas that cater for larger animals with trailers and other large vehicles is key to calm transport management. Safe unloading zones together with safe holding areas require additional space planning and consideration. These areas might also require water management and undercover areas for relief form Australia’s sun and rain.

There is a plethora of considerations that designers consider when designing spaces for various different veterinary practices.  Designing a veterinary fit out is usually prepared by experienced architects and builders in collaboration of owners and other stakeholders. Ensuring that your Veterinary Practice can cater for the multitude of animals that come through the door will be the first step to ensuring the future success of your Veterinary Practice.

Dental Providers – How do you Know you are Working with the Right One?

When it comes to designing your new dental clinic you need to make sure you are finding the best dental design provider for you.

Before you appoint anyone to take on your project there are certain things you should make sure of.

Do they have prior medical experience?

Prior medical fit out experience is extremely important to ensure your dental design is up to standard and within the current regulations.

Unfortunately there are plenty of commercial design and construct companies out there trying to get onto the medical design side of things but have absolutely no experience in medical fit outs.

The danger here is that commercial design and medical design are two completely different things. Sure, they both have the same foundations when it comes to building and a commercial company could build you are perfectly good tenancy from a structural perspective but the design and layout of your clinic is the difference between being being able to actually open it or not.

Major aspects of your dental design like DDA compliance throughout your clinic (from the amount of space required behind doors and types of disabled access that are required) have to be taken into consideration when the initial floor plan is being put together. 

Failing to miss something as simple as a stainless steel shelf in the disabled toilet can hold up your certificate of occupancy which means your business can not commence trading until everything is finalised.

Do they use trusted trades or are they tendering jobs out each time?

Although it can be beneficial to tender jobs from a pricing perspective the cheapest option isn’t always the best which is why it is better to be working with a design and construct company that has trusted trades.

When you have worked with the same person for a few years you are able to pick up on their working habits and what they might need in order to get jobs done not only properly but efficiently. We also find the lines of communication are also a lot more open when it comes to dealing with trades that you hold strong relationships with.

Just as you will continue to use the same suppliers if they offer good service sub contractors are no different and once you have one you do not want to let them go.

Do they have reliable testimonials / references from previous projects?

Testimonials and references can be just as important as a companies portfolio. Just because they can show you lovely photos of projects they have worked on before can they also provide a name and number so you can speak to the client direct in order to get their take on the whole experience?

Any credible design and construct company should be able to offer you a minimum of three references that you can speak to about their experience before signing anyone up.

As you can see it pays to appoint an experienced dental design company. Not only do you get the piece of mind that you are dealing with the best provider for you, but you are also ensuring that your fit out makes you the preferred dental provider for your patients both current and future.

Everything You Should Understand About Medical Fitouts

The term ‘medical fit out’ can be used to refer to various types of fit outs. Most often it refers to the refurbishment or renovation of a current medical practice, although this term can also refer to any renovation of a medical facility. This could include the local GP clinic, physiotherapy clinic, psychologist rooms, veterinary clinics, hospitals and dental practices – any practice that provides patient medical care.

Medical Fitouts is primarily the design, the setup, the renovation of any type of medical practice. The idea is to ensure the interior space is well designed, well equipped and functional to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals and their patients.

A medical fitout can be for the purpose to freshen up an older run-down clinic or it could be the planning and design of a new build. Either way, the design and know-how is the same for both.

The following details a few areas for considerations when thinking about medical fitouts:


Space Planning and Concept Design

At Clinics by Design, our in-house design team have in-depth knowledge and understanding of healthcare environments. With years of experience under their belts, all Medical fitouts are drawn and designed to center around workplace functionality.

Each distinct area is designed with utmost care and attention to detail. In particular, staff areas are designed to promote optimal workflow with ergonomic considerations whilst patents areas are designed for comfort and patient wellbeing. For medical professionals, the areas are designed to accommodate medical equipment and fine placement of all fittings to ensure the best patient care possible.

The planning of such highly sensitive spaces takes a-lot of due care and careful consideration to ensure each stakeholder has an area that is fit for purpose.


It is imperative that all healthcare industry standards and regulations are adhered to and considered before the planning and design phase begins. Medical fit outs have stringent regulations regarding hygiene, infection control, disabled access and safety regulations.

Local building codes and local council regulations also require in-depth understanding and knowledge to ensure your project will pass the Certificate of Occupancy.

Equipment Design and placement

The integration of medical equipment and placement is the cornerstone of a medical fit out success. Getting the placement of integral medical equipment wrong can cause frustrations in the long run.

Sensible ergonomic and comfortable furniture is imperative to a healthy workplace for healthcare professionals, staff and for patients.

Security and privacy

Patient privacy is becoming a bigger consideration when designing medial fit outs and is nowadays a requirement for consideration. This might involve self check-in stations or the use of mobile check-in devises, all designed to limit personal information being overheard.

The security of staff, healthcare professionals and other patients is a high priority when designing medical fitouts. Due consideration is taken to ensure sharp instruments are secured, easy exit routes are in place and areas are available for agitated patients. Healthcare environments must be designed to ensure staff and patient safety.

Infection control and ventilation

It is most important that the choice of materials used in medical fitouts are easy to clean, non-porous and promote a sterile environment.

Airflow and the ventilation system is also key to limiting any airborne infections. Following COVID these considerations are foremost in our thoughts so careful planning is critical in healthcare environments.

Project Management

The key to the success of any fit out is the organisation and professionalism of the project management team. Realistic time frames, budgets, workflow management and industry knowhow is imperative to complete the project on time and within budget ensuring all stakeholders are happy.

It is important that the project Management team is lead by seasoned professionals who know what they are doing. It is important they are educated in site Management, team control and workflow progression and client communication.

Warranty Period

The handover process should involve full manuals, contract details, manufactures warranties and a period of time where defects will show and can be corrected.

In short, there are a lot of considerations and know how that go into the planning and undertaking of medical fitouts. Having an experienced team to undertake each task will ensure that your project will be a success.

Contact our team at Clinics by Design to know more. Call 03 9532 0350.

New 2023 Dental Fitout Trends

For Dental practice owners the idea of undertaking a dental Fitout, is not something that happens overnight. Often it takes months or years to push the button to proceed with a dental Fitout.

As we are all aware innovation moves quickly these days, so it is important to consider new dental trends and to ensure your fit out will be up to date and not out-dated before you even start your dental Fitout.

Increasingly, patient behavior can influence future dental practice designs. So here are a few things to consider for your dental practice design.

Payment areas separate to patient waiting room

In almost 100% of current dental practices, the payment desk is located in a common room to the waiting room. In practice, having the payment area and the reception desk within the patient waiting room can cause issues with privacy. We have all heard reception staff reading aloud personal information like phone numbers and home addresses for others to hear. Whilst they may be ensuring their patient information is up to date, this sensitive information is for all to hear. Most recently, there has been numerous media articles about hackers receiving private information about people. In practice, these hackers could simply sit in the waiting room of a dental practice and achieve the same outcome.


Accordingly, there is a move to separate the payment area to the waiting room. Designing a dental practice with a separate payment area can also encourage patients to relax. It enables patients who have just undergone dental procedures not to splutter and slur their way through the payment process in ear shot of other patients in the waiting room.


Having a separate payment area, allows staff to quickly identify which patients require help with payments and potentially to make a return appointment. It also allows reception staff to talk more freely about dental fees. For larger dental treatment’s often patients wish to talk about payment plans. Too often we overhear reception staff talking about costs that can exceed $10,000 dollars. These discussions are easier to have with less ears. These sorts of examples support the idea of creating a separate payment are to the waiting room.

Self check-in

The COVID years has certainly encouraged patients of all ages to become more familiar with remote login to software and the use of mobile phones. We encourage dental practice owners to consider a self check-in idea.

The process of self check in allows patients to advise their arrival on-line. This will enable each patient to review their personal information and approve that it is up to date or make changes discretely. This process also supports the need for increased privacy. Self check-in would cease reception staff reading out patient’s private information aloud when they are checking patient details are up to date.


Public touch screen check in booths where patients can check themselves in and can approve or update their personal details. Some dental practices also allow self check-in using apps and patient phones. Both solutions are sensible and work well in practice.


Self check-ins also have the added benefits of patient distraction. This simple process can help patients take their minds off their upcoming dental appointment.

Departure waiting lounge

It is common for patients not to feel 100% after dental treatment. For patients who wish to take some time to recover before the trip home or elsewhere, the idea of having a safe lounge room to recover is certainly gaining momentum. Often puffiness and numbing can cause patients to require time to recover.


Often these rooms will have a peaceful ambiance with warm lighting and soft comfortable furnishings.

These exit waiting rooms may also incorporate a chair and table for patients to get some work done whilst recovering – maybe even before they return to work or school.


These exit waiting rooms designed for patient comfort and certainly show a genuine care for your patients well being.

Up to date dental equipment

As technology advances it is most important to place the latest equipment in your dental Fitout.

Areas of enormous growth is dental imagery. This intelligent software can scan a patient’s mouth and can produce 3D imagery of the teeth instantly. This imagery is often used by orthodontists and also for preparation of sporting and grinding plates. The process to take the images is often less than 5 minutes and is non-invasive.

Providing up to date dental equipment can help to instil a feeling of trust by patients. Research has also indicated that up to date equipment is a huge factor in patient retention.

Dental Fitout plan

A detailed dental Fitout plan is critical to the success of your dental Fitout. Who you choose to partner with is a key to the future success of your dental practice. Ensure your builder or Fitout partner is qualified in dental design. Ensure they are up to date with new ideas.

Ensure you spend time thinking and investigating which new ideas are right for your dental Fitout. Not all of these new age ideas are right for all dental practices but these suggestions can be great food for thought.

We encourage you to contact us today to discuss your dental design vision. Ph 03 9532 0350

Ideas to enhance your Dental Fitout!

dental Fitout can provide many challenges even to the most experienced dental Fitout companies.  The enormous amount of tools of trade, together with tight spaces provides many design and implementation challenges.  As technology continues to go forwards in leaps and bounds, serious consideration is required to position new equipment within the dental practice.   Consideration for the needs of Dentists, Dental Assistants, Administration Staff, Patients and Family members can provide many challenges to get the balance ‘just right’ when there are various interested parties.  Clinics by Design has many ideas in how a successful Dental Fitout Melbourne can be achieved.

It is noticeable within the industry, that the old dental clinics or the ‘converted homes’, are a dying breed.  Most converted homes are being knocked down and transformed by experienced dental Fitout companies and are re-born as up-too date, technology advanced, clean and sterile dental practices.

Here are some ideas when thinking about tackling a Dental Fitout Melbourne.

Calming Colours

Consider using soft, natural, earthy colours. These can create a calming environment when considering a colour palate for your dental Fitout Melbourne. Dental Fitout companies who know what they are talking about will design a dental practice with a colour palate that will mollify and soothe. Helping patients to feel calm prior to their consultation will benefit everyone. The use of lighter colours also helps to create a crisp clean and clinical atmosphere that help patients feel the dental practice is a hygienic and clean environment. Again, this can help with patients feeling calm and relaxed.

Within the waiting rooms, dental fitout companies will often integrate high end finishes to ensure patient comfort. Good quality chairs are very important to ensure patient are relaxed whilst waiting. The use of natural products like timber and stone can radiate a clean yet luxurious environment. Natural textures have a warm feel and will radiate a calm atmosphere. Patient comfort has proven to be a deciding factor on whether patients book return visits. It’s important to the success of your practice that these things are considered before you tackle a dental fitout.

Soften the edges

In the past, dental Fitout companies used edgy cabinetry in dental rooms and reception areas. Nowadays, these super sharp edges can be seen as an occupational hazard with patients and staff injuries. Soft edges provide safer workplaces and also radiate a feeling of calm to the patient. Accordingly, dental Fitout Melbourne are now steering towards curved finishes.

Not only can soft edges can be achieved in cabinetry, it can also be achieved through curved walls, soft furniture and lighting. More recently, newly constructed Dental practices will incorporate a curved exterior to heighten patients feeling of luxury and calm.


Most patients will agree that sitting in the waiting room can raise our blood pressure. Anxiety is a common feeling waiting to be called. Accordingly, patient entertainment is a valuable investment. Free Wi-Fi, televisions and environmental imagery are key to patient distraction.

While pamphlet racks still have some need, potentially interactive displays might be a good consideration. Further consideration might be given to self check-ins. This patient interaction can go a long way in alleviating patient anxiety due to being engaged.


Once in the consult room, some other ideas are televisions, plant gardens and music. There are a lot of suitable ideas to keep patients minds engaged elsewhere.


Natural light in the dental consult rooms is a key to both patient calm and to dentist health. Natural light can lift the mood and is imperative to a healthy work space. Specific lighting with advanced globes are also imperative as this will enable the dentist to perform their work with ease. Evidence within the dental Fitout Melbourne industry supports the move from yellow light to natural light.

Large windows with manicured gardens and water features can be used to create a peaceful ambiance. Deep green foliage has proven to be a safe choice when combining nature through large windows. The use of natural lighting and nature is a great combination to enhance the dental consult room.


Clinics by Design has enormous tenure in dental Fitouts and we are renown as a fore-runner in design and space interpretation as a dental Fitout company. We are highly experienced and well-known in the areas of dental Fitout Melbourne. Our reputation is our best form of advertising. Almost all our work comes from word of mouth. We stand proud of our reputation as a dental Fitout company.

We are constantly investigating new ways to broaden our knowledge in order to get ahead of the game when it comes to creating beautiful, yet functional, healthcare practices.

We attend, as well as participate in, medical, dental and veterinary conferences both within Victoria, interstate and internationally every year. We find this is an extremely important aspect of our business as it is imperative we are across any new clinic equipment or design ideas that may be of interest to potential clients.

When the time has come to set up your new dental practice or renovate your existing dental clinic, Clinics by Design are the dental Fitout company for you.

Operating from our Melbourne office we create modern, unique and functional dental clinics across Australia. From Sydney to Broome we are proud to call ourselves the dental Fitout Melbourne specialists.

We cover all facets of clinic design from refurbishment to full construction. Our team of specialists can help create the perfect practice for you, your staff and your patients.

We work closely with you, the client, to ensure that all your dental clinic design requirements are met and are to standard. We are experts with setup requirements and hold strong relationships with our surveyors, inspectors and council members to ensure your practice is within regulation.

You are in safe hands with Clinics by Design.

How do I contact you?

We are contactable via email or please call our office on 03 9532 0350.

Advantages of Dental Fitouts

When considering a dental Fitout there are many things that influence this decision.

When we talk to the business owners, very high on their list is the financial return on investment.  If all the numbers add up, then there are many other benefits of dental Fitouts.  These include, a professional image, attraction of new patients, looking after your staff and helping patients.

Let’s take an in-depth look.

Return on Investment – dental Fitouts

When business owners begin to recognise that their dental practice looks tired, it can take sometime for the dream of a dental fit out will come into fruition.

In practice, we find that most business owners will think about a dental Fitout for a long time before they act.  Often the business owners will chat with other dentists who have gone through a dental Fitout previously.  Often they will perform walk throughs of other recently refurbished practices.  They will look at the new and improved machines and ideas and slowly a vision or a dream will begin to take place in their head.  We find that the owners of recent dental Fitouts, will share the good experiences and the not so good and will also recommend their Fitout company or not.  This word of mouth is the best form of advertising any dental Fitout company can invest in.

Often, business owners will then approach their accountant who can help prepare a financial business plan.  There will be discussions over which business structure is best to support a dental Fitout.  Discussions will cover the investment and how it will be financed.  Once these considerations are covered, it is time for the business owner to approach an architect or a design and construction company.

Through years of experience, Design and construction companies are very well suited to dental Fitouts rather than engaging an architect. Business owners will know the budget they have to work within and appointing a design and construction Fitout company, they can ensure that their drawings and all the furniture that is called up will be drawn and selected to budget.

Too often we find architects drawing the most beautiful dental Fitout, yet there has been no or very little consideration to ensure these drawings are drawn to budget.  We have found that this caused many issues as the business owners have developed an image in their heads that is out of their budget.  It is imperative that the company engaged to undertake the drawings is educated in drawing plans to budget.

The design phase of the dental Fitout is hugely important.  The finished product will reflect your branding.  This is the face of your dental practices future.  It will determine the success of the return on your investment.

Often your branding will be associated to the area that your practice is situated.  Practices situated in a business or city precinct would brand themselves differently to a dental practice that is situated in a newer suburb.  New suburb dental practices might wish to brand themselves as a family practice – attracting kids and parents alike.  The design phase is imperative to expressing the dental image to attract new patients and to retain current patients.  These factors are critical to meeting your dental practices return on investment and the dental practices future success.

New clients

Once of the biggest advantages of a dental Fitout is the attraction of new patients.

It might be the case that a worker drives home from work each day and passes your dental practice. They have never really noticed your practice before. On the day that the dental Fitout commences, they begin to notice tradesman cars parked outside, the façade might have had a new render, new signage might have gone in, new colour palate is now visible…….the passing motorists begin to take notice. This advertising is critical to the attraction of new patients.

The branding and design ideas will be imperative in targeting the right demographic. A high quality, attractive design will immediately appeal to new patients. At the end of the day, when you are investing in a dental Fitout, the attraction of new patients holds the greatest weight.


Any new dental Fitout is designed for staff comfort and practicality. To retain good staff and to attract new staff a well-designed dental practice is a must.

Dentists and dental assistants can spend many of their working hours hovering overs a patients mouths. A well designed dental chair and associated tools of trade is most important to their workplace well being to retain good staff.

The reception area is usually a busy place – the reception staff require a fully functioning desk area to support their busy routines. A well designed dental Fitout can achieve staff satisfaction and workplace harmony.

Waiting Area - Clinicsbydesign

Current Patients

A dental Fitout is a sure-fire way to please current patients. Dental Fitouts with intelligent design can make current patients feel valued. From experience, patients remain committed to a dental practice after a Fitout. You can impress your current patients with new ideas, the latest equipment and pleasing ambiance.

All dental patients value a clean dental practice. Fresh painting, new furniture, updated dental equipment and a pleasing colour palate will show your current patients that you value them.

Investing money in patient comfort whilst in the waiting room can help patients feel calmer. Often the time in the waiting room can elevate nervous feelings. Investing in entertainment and ideas for patient distraction will benefit both the patient and the dental staff alike.

Dental Fit Out - Clinicsbydesign

A properly designed and planned dental Fitout will benefit your dental practice for years to come. Partnering with an experienced dental Fitout company will be a decision you will not regret. Clinics by Design are dental Fitout experts who listen, advise and partner with you from start to completion. Contact us to discuss your dental practice and its future.

How do I contact you?

We are contactable via email or please call our office on 03 9532 0350.

Design Ideas to Kickstart Your Dental Practice Construction

The effects of COVID, has contributed to an altered Healthcare vision.  Patients nowadays look for safety and an assurance that they are in good hands.  How your Dental Practice is perceived by your patients is key to business success.  It’s clear that customer’s value dental practice cleanliness, it calming ambiance and how visually pleasing the façade is.   It’s obvious that the house converted Dental Practice is a thing of the past.  The mission brown bricks and the narrow doorways are no longer suitable or pleasing to patients.


Accordingly, is it time to consider a Dental Practice Construction?

Have an intelligent business plan

The most important part of a Dental Practice Construction is the initial business plan.  To ensure your new Dental Practice will be successful, you will require time and resources to invest into a detailed business plan.  Ensure your trusted finance specialist will create an Investment Budget including cash flow forecasts, allowable deductions and a return on capital.  Ensure your new site satisfies all local council requirements in respect of car parking, permits and approvals.  Plan the use of technology in your practice.  Consider staff and staffing costs.  Consider Insurance and future growth.  Having an intelligent business plan will determine the success or failure of your Dental Practice Construction.

Know your budget and have finance available

Most importantly ensure you work within your budget. It is imperative that your architect/designer draws your new Dental Practice Construction with your budget in mind.  Too often we find extravagant architects drawing with spectacular designs and interiors only to find it is outside the budget of the customer.  This only causes dissatisfaction and a yearning for a vision that is simply not possible.  It is critical to the success of the Dental Practice Construction that all designs are drawn to budget.  One idea is to source a Design and Construction Company rather than engaging an Architect and then a Builder.  This idea is centred on the qualified designer designing a practice that is within budget.  This really is the key to success.


In respect of finance – often Dental Practice Constructions are fully financed or may also have outside Investor injection.


If you are considering a Dental Practice Construction yet cannot finance the entire project yourself, Clinics by Design can help with an introduction to a finance specialist.  Over the years, we have found it easier to source finance when dealing with a finance partner who understands the Dental Practice Constructions.

Choosing the right builder

The ultimate key to success is the ‘right’ builder.  Ensure your builder is a registered Builder with the VBA, Victorian Building Authority or your local state authority. Too often in practice, Dental Construction companies are not actually licenced to carry out your Dental Practice Construction, rather they use the Building Licence of a 3rd party.  In this situation, if you have an issue with your construction that cannot be settled, and a dispute escalates to legal, there is very little success suing the builder who does not hold the building licence.  The building company simply would de-solve and the customer would find themselves in litigation fighting a company with very little to lose.


The ‘right’ builder will also have a long history of exceptional workmanship.  The ‘right’ builder will be happy to provide previous dental practice construction walk-throughs.  The ‘right’ builder will listen to what their customers want and will attempt to understand the customers dream. It’s most important that you have confidence in your builder from the get go.

Be realistic

The life of a Dental Practice Construction is in the vicinity of 6 to 12 months.  Construction companies run to a very tight timeframe with Ghant Charts and schedules detailing the exact performance of each phase of the job.  Factors outside the builders control can delay jobs, like the weather and most recently COVID.  It’s important to understand that both builder and customer wish for the shortest project completion time as possible.  There is a cost to any builder for any project overruns.  Accordingly, both parties have the same agenda in wishing the project be completed in the timeliest fashion.  In situations where there might be delays, it’s important to communicate.  Simple explanations and being kept up to date will often be the deciding factor between a close working relationship and a distant one.


Establish contingencies. Ensure you have a list of strategies if things change throughout the project.  Think about disruption, think about possible variations and even have a plan in case the project finishes early.  The more that a customer is ready for a hiccup, the better the outcome.  So we recommend investing time focusing on possible contingencies.

Enjoy your future

Your Dental Practice Construction has reached its final completion and you have now received the Certificate of Occupancy.  You might wish to pop the cork to celebrate or if that is not your thing, maybe just sit back and take in the ambiance of your new Dental Practice.


When it’s time to welcome your first patient, it’s time to exhale and enjoy your future – it’s time for your Dental Practice to start to repay your Investment.


How much input do I get?

The consultation process is very in-depth.  It’s most important that the ideas in your head are able to be transferred to us.  From here, our designers and draftsperson will develop plans.  Your input is critical to the success of the project.

How much does a fit out cost

Simple fit out projects vary in price.  Construction projects also vary in price depending on what is called up.   Some premises come as a ‘cold shell’ which require all interiors from flooring to air-conditioning etc.  These fit outs are more expensive than a simple warm shell refurbishment.  Highend construction projects are more expensive than a budget construction.  After an in-depth consultation and a walk-thru, Clinics by Design will be in a better position to provide a quote.

What is your quality like?

Put simply Clinics by Design’s workmanship is second to none.  All cabinetry is custom made, we use our own employees rather than contractors and our director is involved from commencement to finish.  Almost all our projects are secured via from word of mouth.  At Clinics by Design we figure a happy customer word is worth more than any advertising campaign.

How long does construction take?

Dental construction can take between 6 to 10 months depending on the number of rooms involved.

How do I contact you?

We are contactable via email or please call our office on 03 9532 0350.

How to Choose the Best Veterinary Clinic Design?

The thought of renovating or building a new Veterinary Practice is daunting. Almost certainly, you have been laying awake at night with ideas in your head.

Your dream Veterinary practice might be in its infancy – but we are here to help with the next step in your vet clinic design.

Here are a few essential factors to keep in mind when planning your vet clinic design.

1. Select a Veterinary Construction company to partner with.

Investigate and select a design and construction company with Veterinary experience.
These specialists will help navigate the intricate details of Vet Clinic design including:


Easy to use and clean materials for floor, walls, and fixtures

Provision for disposing of waste hygienically

A well-constructed holding area to prevent animals from getting injured or escape

 Animal areas to limit different animal interaction or to hold aggressive/anxious animals

Thought-out floor plan that has space for separate offices, examination rooms, waiting area, reception desk, pantry, kitchen area, etc.

Separate entrances for public and business areas of the clinic

Lockup facilities to safely keep medical equipment

Dedicated space for cold storage / refrigeration


It’s essential to take the time to view their previous jobs. Visit previous Fitouts that the Vet specialist has undertaken. This is a key to selecting the right partner for you. Most importantly pay particular attention to the Vet Clinic Design in the vet practices that you visit.

2.Latest Designs and Trends

Many vet clinic design teams are increasingly prioritizing sustainable design and safer spaces. We consider options like more indoor plants, locally sourced material and furniture, open spaces using glass that allows for natural light, easy to clean floors and cabinetry, and energy efficient considerations.

Acoustic panels between walls for noise cancellation, customized and comfortable seating arrangements, adding more glass in interiors, different colors and textures that add a pleasing aesthetic for the clients, are some of the new design ideas for Vet Clinic design. Ensure the vet specialist you choose is ahead of the game.

Most importantly each vet clinic design should consider animal comfort, staff workplace needs and customer requirements. This mix is essential to create a functional, peaceful, calm, vet clinic that will thrive.

3.Room for move

Vet Clinic design should also leave room for future change. Money invested into refurbished vet clinics or newly constructed Vet clinics should show return on investment. Some clinics might wish to add additional services like grooming or daycare at some future point – thinking ahead is most important in the design phase.

4.Builders suitably qualified

Ensure your veterinary specialist has an unlimited commercial builder’s license. This license is important to show that they are right for the job. Builders holding a builders license are answerable to the VBA. It’s peace of mind for the customer to know that they are suitably qualified.

Some vet builders use other companies’, builders’ licence. This is a recipe for disaster.

At Clinics By Design we understand what is important when it comes to creating veterinary practices. Our medical design team have a wealth of knowledge to share with you regarding intelligent design, clinical layout and what is required in a veterinary environment. Call us today

Dental Surgery Designs

The success of a dental practice can be attributed to many things. Sometimes it’s the location, the dentist reputation, the tenure of existence or the educated ideas behind the dental surgery designs.

As dental practices slowly move away from the ‘converted residential house’ look, to a sleek renovated house with a new façade or even a complete practice re-build, the dental surgery designs is the new ‘hero’ in dental practice success.

Why does dental interior design matter?

A superior dental practice design will align both patient comfort and the functionality of the workspace for dentist and their staff.


The waiting room must capture a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere to help patients relax. A calm place creating a subtle mood using intelligent lighting, colour palette and sensory imagination.


The reception area needs to be a fully functional workspace. Requiring private and secure areas with well laid out desk areas for ease of access to all storage, printing and IT.

Things to consider when planning your dental surgery ideas

1. Using a specialist dental construction company to partner with is highly recommended.

Ensure your specialist can bring your dental surgery designs to life. Ensure you can work closely with the design team – ensure they understand your dream before the design phase.


Knowledge about OH&S, medical regulations, functional workspaces and building codes is critical. Ask if the dental specialist has an unlimited commercial builders license. A builders’ license certainly builds credibility for the specialist.

2. Designers that will listen to your needs and dreams

Ensure the designers are qualified. Ensure they understand the needs for a functional dental practice. The limited tight spaces require immaculate planning and design. Take the time to visit their previous jobs. This step is critical in understanding their workmanship and what they can deliver. Ensure the designers will support your ideas and offer new ideas to consider. In short – can they bring your dream practice to life?

3. Ensure on-site staff are qualified

Are the on-site staff are accountable? Are they employees or are they contractors? Can they Fitout a practice with limited disruption to live practices. Are they respectful and diligent in their work? From years of experience it’s the attention to detail that makes the finished product the best in the market.

4. Use of up-to date technology

When refurbishing or constructing a practice, it’s a perfect time to consider the technology you employ. Patients will feel confident if dentist are using the most up to date technology and dental furniture. Consider touch screens, ergonomic chairs, in chair portable x-ray machines and much more. Does your designer follow the market closely and invite sales representatives to their office to display all the latest ideas? Do they keep an eye on overseas markets as they are usually a little more advanced? Germany is renowned for its dental technology leadership.


All in all, dental surgery designs is now more important than ever as dentistry is increasingly becoming a competitive field. A great dental design will help separate your practice from the rest. It is certainly worth investing in an experienced and reputable dental design and construction specialist.


Please contact Clinics by Design to consider the advantages.