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Advantages of Dental Fitouts

When considering a dental Fitout there are many things that influence this decision.

When we talk to the business owners, very high on their list is the financial return on investment.  If all the numbers add up, then there are many other benefits of dental Fitouts.  These include, a professional image, attraction of new patients, looking after your staff and helping patients.

Let’s take an in-depth look.

Return on Investment – dental Fitouts

When business owners begin to recognise that their dental practice looks tired, it can take sometime for the dream of a dental fit out will come into fruition.

In practice, we find that most business owners will think about a dental Fitout for a long time before they act.  Often the business owners will chat with other dentists who have gone through a dental Fitout previously.  Often they will perform walk throughs of other recently refurbished practices.  They will look at the new and improved machines and ideas and slowly a vision or a dream will begin to take place in their head.  We find that the owners of recent dental Fitouts, will share the good experiences and the not so good and will also recommend their Fitout company or not.  This word of mouth is the best form of advertising any dental Fitout company can invest in.

Often, business owners will then approach their accountant who can help prepare a financial business plan.  There will be discussions over which business structure is best to support a dental Fitout.  Discussions will cover the investment and how it will be financed.  Once these considerations are covered, it is time for the business owner to approach an architect or a design and construction company.

Through years of experience, Design and construction companies are very well suited to dental Fitouts rather than engaging an architect. Business owners will know the budget they have to work within and appointing a design and construction Fitout company, they can ensure that their drawings and all the furniture that is called up will be drawn and selected to budget.

Too often we find architects drawing the most beautiful dental Fitout, yet there has been no or very little consideration to ensure these drawings are drawn to budget.  We have found that this caused many issues as the business owners have developed an image in their heads that is out of their budget.  It is imperative that the company engaged to undertake the drawings is educated in drawing plans to budget.

The design phase of the dental Fitout is hugely important.  The finished product will reflect your branding.  This is the face of your dental practices future.  It will determine the success of the return on your investment.

Often your branding will be associated to the area that your practice is situated.  Practices situated in a business or city precinct would brand themselves differently to a dental practice that is situated in a newer suburb.  New suburb dental practices might wish to brand themselves as a family practice – attracting kids and parents alike.  The design phase is imperative to expressing the dental image to attract new patients and to retain current patients.  These factors are critical to meeting your dental practices return on investment and the dental practices future success.

New clients

Once of the biggest advantages of a dental Fitout is the attraction of new patients.

It might be the case that a worker drives home from work each day and passes your dental practice. They have never really noticed your practice before. On the day that the dental Fitout commences, they begin to notice tradesman cars parked outside, the façade might have had a new render, new signage might have gone in, new colour palate is now visible…….the passing motorists begin to take notice. This advertising is critical to the attraction of new patients.

The branding and design ideas will be imperative in targeting the right demographic. A high quality, attractive design will immediately appeal to new patients. At the end of the day, when you are investing in a dental Fitout, the attraction of new patients holds the greatest weight.


Any new dental Fitout is designed for staff comfort and practicality. To retain good staff and to attract new staff a well-designed dental practice is a must.

Dentists and dental assistants can spend many of their working hours hovering overs a patients mouths. A well designed dental chair and associated tools of trade is most important to their workplace well being to retain good staff.

The reception area is usually a busy place – the reception staff require a fully functioning desk area to support their busy routines. A well designed dental Fitout can achieve staff satisfaction and workplace harmony.

Waiting Area - Clinicsbydesign

Current Patients

A dental Fitout is a sure-fire way to please current patients. Dental Fitouts with intelligent design can make current patients feel valued. From experience, patients remain committed to a dental practice after a Fitout. You can impress your current patients with new ideas, the latest equipment and pleasing ambiance.

All dental patients value a clean dental practice. Fresh painting, new furniture, updated dental equipment and a pleasing colour palate will show your current patients that you value them.

Investing money in patient comfort whilst in the waiting room can help patients feel calmer. Often the time in the waiting room can elevate nervous feelings. Investing in entertainment and ideas for patient distraction will benefit both the patient and the dental staff alike.

Dental Fit Out - Clinicsbydesign

A properly designed and planned dental Fitout will benefit your dental practice for years to come. Partnering with an experienced dental Fitout company will be a decision you will not regret. Clinics by Design are dental Fitout experts who listen, advise and partner with you from start to completion. Contact us to discuss your dental practice and its future.

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