Clinic By Design

Addressing Expectations

When you run a business you are well aware that there is a level of expectation that comes along with it.


You expect a certain standard from your staff.


Your staff expect a certain standard from you.


Your patients expect a certain standard from everyone they meet when they walk through the door.


Expectations are very important and and can be used to achieve higher than average results which in turn create a successful business.


So what are the main expectations and how can you arm yourself in order to exceed them?

Expectation #1 – Construction Expectations

Being your own project manager can be a tough gig especially when you have your own business to run at the same time which is why is it worthwhile appointing a design and construct company to help with the coordination of your works.


What this does is free you up from having to research and organise multiple sub contractors which can be a very time consuming exercise.

Expectation #2 – Patient Expectations

One of the most important things for patients waiting in a clinic is to feel comfortable. Whether they are there for a quick in and out visit or something a bit more serious comfort is key.


Ensure your seating is comfortable and accessible for all types of people, create a children’s area to keep the kids occupied while they wait and provide refresh stations with filtered water.


Something as simple as providing a current magazine (and not a ripped issue of New Idea from 1984) can make the world of difference.

Expectation #3 – Staff Expectations

Your staff, as you know, are your greatest assets and when looked after they will produce great outcomes for you and your practice.


The best way to boost morale is to provide a positive working environment. Private breakout areas, new software to make things more efficient, secure lockers and even a staff toilet away from the public shows you care about them and want them to be as comfortable as possible when they walk in the door every day.


By addressing expectations early you are taking the steps to improve productivity and mood which is imperative to creating successful business.