Clinic By Design

A Space To Suit All

Staff morale is such an important aspect of every business but is something that is often forgotten when it comes to planning your clinics layout.


Of course it is impossible to keep everyone happy every single time, and there are always one or two that don’t like the thought of ‘change’, but with some forward thinking and planning you can show your staff that their health and wellbeing are at the top of your practice’s priorities.


something as simple as seating can make a huge impact on the comfort of your staff.

Purchase ergonomic chairs with an AFRDI rating and if possible have an ergonomic chair specialist come into your clinic in order to fit each staff member personally for the proper lumbar and back support to suit them.


Create functional yet flexible spaces that can be used by staff, and yourself, for casual meetings as well as breaks by utilising acoustic friendly furniture and partitioning where possible.


Depending on the type of business you are running your staff may benefit from open plan spaces where they can collaborate or segregated areas in which confidential conversations and meetings can take place. Either way, both of these are easily achieved utilising furniture, partitioning and joinery creatively.

By taking the time to consider the needs of your staff you are more likely to have loyal, longterm relationships with your workers.