Clinic By Design

6 Beneficial Questions

There are some very simple questions that you should ask your design and construct company before appointing them to take on your new medical, dental or veterinary clinic.

Some things you may want to cover in your initial meeting are:


– How many projects have they done in the past that are of a similar nature to what you are after?


– How long have they been in the game for


– How long do they envisage your project will take to complete and do you think this is a reasonable timeframe


– Are all the required insurances available for your viewing and up to date

Payment Terms

– How often should you be expecting invoices

Schedule of Works

– If appointed will they be able to provide you with a detailed schedule of works in order for you to follow your projects progression

Follow our 6 part series over the coming weeks to find out which questions will ensure you get exactly what you want when designing your new clinic.