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5 Steps to the Perfect Clinic

Making the decision to open or refurbish your own clinic is a big one and therefore sitting down with a professional fit out company in order to discuss options is a must!

5 very important things to take into consideration before any major decisions are made are:

Budget. This is the most important thing as it will determine what you can and can not include in your fit out. By sitting down with a professional fit out specialist you can go through your wish list in order to gain an understanding of just how much a fit out can cost.

Know what you want. It is helpful to have a general idea of what you want before consulting with a fit out company (although we are more than happy to take the reins in this aspect as well!) Whether you are refurbishing an existing space or looking for a new tenancy the easiest way to make critical decisions from the beginning is knowing what you want.

Know what you need. Wants and needs are very different things, and although we would all like to be surrounded by designer furniture and stunning (expensive) finishes and fixtures, other things such as state of the art equipment will probably take priority so before you start flicking through the pages and pages of beautiful aesthetics make sure you know what is required within your clinic in order to work to budget.

Know the guidelines. With the help of your very knowledgeable fit out specialists make sure you research as much as you can into what is required of dental or medical clinics. Standards and guidelines do change from time to time and something you have been doing for the last 5 years may not be acceptable today.

Prioritise. Make a list of all the things you will need in your clinic. This will help your fit out company to place everything in the space you have or are looking at comfortably and more importantly to budget.

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